For organisations

Institutions, organisations, events and pride festivals

To make Washing Line a more visible part of your activity:

Invite people to participate! There are pre-made posters and flyers, feel free to print and use them.

Foto Heidi Lunabba

Inform media about Tvättlina as a part of your program, there is a pre made pressrelease and images for you to use. We recommend making a separate pressrelease for Washingline to give media another topic to write about concerning your event.

Make a Washingline event on fb and invite people to participate.

Arrange a workshop to make crafted miniature Washing Lines to use as jewellery or hang in windows or arrange a workshop to go out as a group and hang big Washing Lines in public space prior to an event, different coloured clothes can usually be bought cheap from fleemarkets and can be returned afterwards to not make any waste (it’s also worthwhile asking for broken or stained clothes that could be given away for free).

In cooporation with the Washingline team you can also:

  • Inform us that you are using Washing Line so we can share your information.
  • Show our slideshow with Washing Lines at your event venue.
  • Invite us for lectures, workshops or exhibitions.
  • Invite us to participate in media info events trough skype.
  • Order our postcards to share at your event.
  • Our contact information:,

Here you can download flyers, posters and instructions for using Tvättlina

Instructions for organisations and events using Tvättlina  here



Pictures free to use


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