Washing Line invites you to hang out laundry in the colors of the rainbow to show that you are friendly to HLBTIQ people and other minorities who risk being discriminated. Your washing line is a gesture for a open and accepting society. By participating you are part of creating a society where it’s easier for everyone to dare living openly as who they are.

Share pictures of rainbow washing lines, using the tag #tvattlina your photo will be part of an archive of compassion and love.

Washing Line is a community art project by Heidi Lunabba (Fi) and Ilar Gunilla Persson (Swe), everyone is welcome to participate; individuals, institutions, companies, etc. The project is going on everywhere and all the time. You can hang a Washing Line whenever you feel like it, to mark a political event, to protest against discrimination, to mark events such as a Pride Festival, a celebration, a cultural event or to show where you stand while hanging your colour laundry to dry.


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